Fateforge and Vermin 2047 are nominated for the Ennie Awards!

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Once more, our studio will proudly represent France at the prestigious ENNIE Awards! Two of our games have been nominated and thus have a shot at this year's awards: Fateforge (Creatures : Netherworld, a monster & NPC book) and Vermin 2047 (an introductory kit called Survival Kit)!
Being among the nominees, who are selected by the ENNIE judges, is already a great honor. As for the awards themselves, they are granted based on public voting. Therefore, whether we can make the cut and see French creations stand out among the US audience comes down to each of you!

If you want to support us, click the following links and give a 1 to our nominations:

🎁 To celebrate these nominations, we're organizing a small game, the winner of which will get to pick $200 worth of gifts from our studio's available items! Participation is very simple: cast your ENNIE Awards vote, take a screenshot, and send it to us at concours [at] studio-agate.com with "ENNIE Awards Gift" as the title. 


Fateforge was born in France in 2016, under the name "Dragons". It was the result of our desire to craft our own vision of the 5th edition of the greatest role-playing game's ruleset, with our own artistic, mechanical, and dramatic spins.

In 2019, "Dragons" got an English release as well, called "Fateforge". In 2022, we were awarded a silver ENNIE Award in the "Best Writing" category for the Tetralogy as a whole (i.e. Adventurers, Grimoire, Creatures Vol. 1, and Encyclopedia Vol. 1).

This award is a result of several years of work. Translating a game into English is a veritable challenge, and this "Best Writing" is a reward not only for the teams of writers who created the game, but also for the translators and editors who brought it to English-speaking audiences. In fact, last year, we dedicated our silver ENNIE to our team of editors, who were represented during the ceremony by Ryan!

Since then, the series has kept growing: Creatures Vol. 2 was delivered to backers in 2023, Encyclopedia Vol. 2 was funded early this year, and a Kickstarter is currently ongoing, funding the printing of collections of scenarios. And of course, we have much more in store...

Over this period, we also formed transmedia partnerships

Chronicles of Kaan, designed and published by Mighty Boards, was funded in late 2022. It is a beautiful board game featuring a cooperative adventure campaign in the Eana setting. 

And our friends from Syrinscape have kept creating soundsets that bring unique sounds and musical atmosphere to the world of Eana.
Today, this new nomination marks another important step in Fateforge's life!


The first edition of Vermin, in French, dates back to 2004. It quickly grew into a classic, gathering an entire community fascinated with this crawling vision of post-apocalyptic France.
Now, almost 20 years later, we have worked with Julien Blondel, the game's original author, to create a new version of Vermin befitting the new standards of role-playing game publishing, carried by a crowdfunding that mobilized the entire French role-playing community.

We wanted to bring this work to the United States as well, in order to share the unique vision that Vermin carries, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise. Thus, in 2022, we translated the "Survival Kit", featuring an overview of the setting and core rules, as well as several gripping adventures, playable with pregenerated characters. And it is this very book that currently stands as a nominee in the prestigious "Best Setting" category!


Just like every year, our team will be going to Gen Con which will take place in Indianapolis from August 3rd to 6th 2023.
If you attend it, do swing by stand to say hello! We're always delighted to see you for real, to sign books, and to chat :)

Many, many thanks for your support. It is thanks to you that we can translate our works and keep crafting new universes!

— Nel and the whole Studio's team