The Studio Launches a Loyalty Program: Agate Patrons

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For more than 10 years, we have been writing, translating, and illustrating roleplaying game books, and producing music and video games. We have always striven to improve, so that all of you can have great gaming moments. Everything we have made, everything we have released, we are aware that we couldn’t have done it without you, and that we can only keep going with you !

You are an amazing community. Time and again, you have given us your support, and you have kept spurring our creativity. Thank you for being by our side through all our adventures; you are the “Agate Patrons”! Across the years, our Studio has structured itself, and we have even managed to create employment here, in France. For all of this, we thank you.

This year, we celebrate the 10th anniversay of our first Shadows of Esteren Kickstarter. To commemorate this milestone, we are launching a loyalty program, which will be a way for us to show our gratitude toward you, our lovely backers.

Who Is This Program Intended For ?

This program will apply to anyone who backs our crowdfunding campaigns on Ulule and Kickstarter, whether for French or English releases.

How Does It Work ?

You will obtain credit you can use toward your future pledges of our projects by backing them.

Upon your third subscription, we will add together the amount of your three subscriptions, and you will be given €/$10 worth of credit for every €/$100 spent. The credit will automatically be added to your account. Each new series of three subscriptions grants you credit at the end of your third participation.

Example: Sam backed three of our crowdfundings. They pledged $95 on the first, $120 on the second, and $80 on the third, for a total of $295 for all three. With $10 of credit for every $100 (rounded to the nearest), Sam will get $30 added to their account at the end of the third crowdfunding.

Important: Additions during the pledge manager or late pledge will not be taken into account. Only the amount pledged during the Ulule/Kickstarter campaign proper will count.

How Can This Credit Be Spent ?

The credit will be added to the Backerkit account (the pledge manager tool we use for our crowdfundings) of your third subscription. You can use it to pay shipping fees, acquire additional options, or upgrade your pledge.

The credit must be used on the Backerkit it is added to. It cannot be kept or carried over: whatever is not spent is lost. It cannot be refunded, transferred, or converted.

When Will This Take Effect ?

The Agate Patrons program begins on October 1, 2022. The Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan crowdfunding was the first opportunity to be part of the Agate Patrons. If you backed this campaign, you will only need to back two more campaigns before you can enjoy your first credit reward ! If you have any question about the Agate Patrons progam, contact us.

Thank You !

These will be our closing words. It is truly thanks to you that we can keep going on this great creative adventure, and we hope that the products of our imagination can take you on fantastic journeys for a long time still…

With all our gratitude,

The Agate Team


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