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Let's Role is a Virtual TableTop (VTT) platform our Studio has been in partnership with for several years. Upon our latest crowdfunding, many of you inquired about it, wanting to know more about it and its features compared to other VTTs such as Foundry or Roll20. 

The present article will provide just that!

What's a VTT?

Let's start with the basics: Let's Role is a VTT. VTTs (Virtual TableTop) are online platforms for long-distance play with friends. Do note that they are not video games, but instead interfaces to play traditional role-playing games such as Fateforge on a virtual support.

Players use virtual character sheets where skills, experience, etc. are automatically calculated, and can use virtual dice rollers to roll for their characters' actions. The DM, meanwhile, has plenty of tools available for easier DMing and faster preparation: automated combat, automated NPC stat calculation, as well as interfaces to customize displays, show NPCs, design maps and plans for locations that can be hidden or revealed with a simple click, etc.

Available Tools

Let's Role provides a number of tools designed to make online role-playing more convenient.

- To begin with, it features a clear user interface where information relevant to the game is readily available. The quickbar lets you customize shortcuts to your most frequently used dice rolls, character abilities, etc.

- It also offers entirely customizable character sheets fitted to the game you want to play. You can also create your own character sheets with an editor.

- Let's Role has an animated virtual dice roller with a large range of 3D dice designs, letting you choose the one that best fits the atmosphere of the game you're playing.

- Let's Role additionally includes a journal providing real-time editing, PDF download, and options to share content between players (if you want information to be visible to certain players only), or even between tables. It is a handy tool both for narrative purposes and for easier gameplay, allowing you to create rules memos, make pictures appear on the table, share notes, etc.

- Let's Role also gives you access to a sound library with more than 800 sounds available, as well as the possibility to record and edit your own voice. You can also pair scenes with a given sound atmosphere, and access YouTube videos via an integrated music player.

- Last but not least is the craft compendium, featuring a "book" system that allows you to publish crafts of your own (spells, monsters, NPCs, etc.) for a game, which then lets players and DMs pick from these crafts to easily add a monster to a scene, or give a character a spell, weapon, etc.

Available Games

Fateforge and Shadows of Esteren games are available on Let's Role, with their own integrated and automated rules. Click here to see them!

A Free Platform

One big advantage of Let's Role is that all the aforementioned features and more are free! Rulesets are developed by the community and made available to all.

Let's Role is funded by microtransactions, namely the purchase of 3D dice sets, character sheet skins, token frames, and many more aesthetic enhancements to customize your games!

For example, with the crowdfunding of Fateforge - Creatures 2: Netherworld, Let's Role released a pack of digital skins with 4 items:
1. a set of custom Fateforge dice
2. a table skin for a custom game interface
3. a Fateforge character sheet skin
4. a pack of Fateforge icons (small artworks to customize the visuals of actions or other game elements)

These items are currently available on the Let's Role marketplace at the following prices:
- Dice set: 8€
- Table skin: €15
- Character sheet skin: €7
- Icon pack: €12

If you want to support Let's Role and our Studio, you can get them all as a bundle for €25 instead of €42. Enjoy!

And there you have it! If your interest was piqued, do check out Let's Role and give it a whirl!

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on Discord:

Take care ! 🥰